A Love and Deepspace-themed pop-up cafe

August 17, 2024 from 12pm to 5pm
113 West Santa Fe Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832
Tickets Now Available! Space is Limited!

Ticket Tiers:

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Prizes, FAQ & rules, previews for photo area, merch, & food/drink

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Please note this is an unofficial fan-run event. We are not affiliated with Love and Deepspace or Infold Games.

Deepspace Cafe is a by-fans, for-fans Love and Deepspace-themed pop-up cafe celebrating the game's half-anniversary.

Date: August 17, 2024
Time: From 12pm to 5pm
Address: 113 West Santa Fe Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832


themed food & drink menu

Enjoy a specially-curated food & drink menu inspired by the L&DS male leads that is sure to delight.

Cosplayer interaction

Get served by your favorite boys, Xavier, Rafayel, Zayne, and even the newly-added Sylus! Only certain ticket tiers will receive cosplayer interaction.

Mini games & activities

Join fun activites such as an IRL version of Kitty Card battles, fortune telling, and photo card decorating.

Artist alley & merch

Support amazing artists and their work. Included in some ticket tiers is merch which can also be bought from our merch shop.

Photo backdrops

Take photos in front of our beautiful backdrops that fit perfectly with our secret garden tea time theme.

Raffle & Prizes

Win official L&DS goods! Snag your preferred amount of raffle tickets by choosing the right ticket tier. We'll also have raffle tickets available for sale.

Mini Games & Activities

Kitty Cards: Battle against your opponent in this game all about matching cats to the right colored cup.

Claw machine: With skill (or luck), try to win a plush out of our mini UFO catcher to win plushies.

Fortune telling: Receive your fortune from the diviniation and occult-loving NPC, your fellow hunter, Tara.

Photo card decorating: Choose a photo card and decorate it with stickers and other cute accessories.

Artist Alley

Shop / Instagram / Twitter

Shop / Instagram / Twitter

love, trisha
Shop / Instagram / Twitter

ah choux! cafe
Shop / Instagram / Twitter

Ticket Tiers

About the Game

L&DS is a new mobile otome game that allows players to step into a
sci-fi world where love knows no bounds with immersive cutscenes,
3D storylines and interactions.

About the Organizers

Summoner's Stories
A fan-run organization that creates memorable anime and gaming events in Southern California. Past work includes Anime Night Mart, Anime Expo, Ronin-Expo, and more.
Love and Deepsleeves
Southern California based nonprofit and fan-run cupsleeves and events dedicated to the game. Past events include Rafayel Birthday & Caleb cupsleeves events.

Please note this is an unofficial fan-run event. We are not affiliated with Love and Deepspace or Infold Games.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "cafe sitdown timeslot"?
We will have exclusive seating for Unicorn VIPs and Sr. Hunters for the dedicated cafe portion of the event serving food/drink in two separate timeslots, 12pm-2pm and 3pm-5pm. During this time, these ticket tiers will receive cosplayer interaction! Our serving staff will be taking a break inbetween timeslots.

How limited are tickets?
Unicorn VIP and Sr. Hunter tickets are very limited as we have restrictions on seating. We currently have alloted 30 total Unicorn VIPs and are sold out! As for Sr. Hunter tickets, we are paying close attention to the other tiers and our capacity and will put a warning when stock is low on the page.

Which ticket tiers are able to order from the food/drink menu?
Unfortunately, as of 07/14, to make things easier on our staff (they're working very hard), we've decided to limit the food/drink menu only to Unicorn VIPs and Sr. Hunters. Thanks for your understanding!

Will I have to wait in line?
Besides checking in with their ticket, Unicorn VIPs, Sr. Hunters, and Hunters will have no wait to enter. Due to the venue's limited capacity, the free tier will have to wait to enter if the venue is full. We will let in those in the free tier line once others have left and there is more physical space to enter. Thanks for understanding our commitment to the safety of others!

Please refer to the ticket tiers for the differences on what perks you'll receive and what areas of the event you can access:

What is the pre-sale Unicorn VIP handwritten letter?
We recently announced that ALL unicorn VIPs who buy their tickets ahead of time (instead of at the door) will receive a handwritten letter / invitation keepsake written by a character of their choice (Xavier, Rafayel, or Zayne). This will NOT be sold at the merch shop. Thank you for your early support, it helps us plan out a great event.

If I'm not one of the Cafe Cosplay Staff playing the roles of Xavier, Rafayel, Zayne, or Sylus can I still cosplay one of the boys?
We're allowing additional cosplay of the boys. We simply ask that you refrain from wearing cafe-themed outfits. Cafe Cosplay Staff will further be designated with a special nametag/pin still to be determined.

Can I cosplay characters not from Love and Deepspace?
Yes, any series is allowed! Cosplay rules TBA.

How will Sylus be part of this cafe?
You'll be able to interact with Sylus but unfortunately he will not be a part of merch, letters, activities, and add-ons due to timeline restraints and lack of info out about him. Thank you for your understanding.

Coming Soon

What's the difference in cosplay interaction between the
Unicorn VIP and Sr. Hunter tiers?

To be announced

What's included in the Unicorn VIP goodie bag?
To be announced

What prizes are part of the raffle?
To be announced

What's on the food/drink menu?
To be announced

What can you buy at the merch shop?
To be announced

Please note this is an unofficial fan-run event. We are not affiliated with Love and Deepspace or Infold Games.